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Initiatives and International Relations

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The Insup is involved since the early 90s in Community Initiatives programs that have made a remarkable contribution to the diversification and professionalism of our service offering.

This openness to Europe and the world with decentralized cooperation, lead to the design of innovative educational activities and ownership of good practices, born of many partnerships mobilized on issues related to employment (in terms of access, retention or return to employment).

The reception and sending candidates to the international mobility to better master a language, learn a different culture and take his first steps in companies, represent a major focus of our offer allows us to participate at the request of the Regional Council Aquitaine, the promotion of this same type of action on behalf of other structures.

The innovation brought by these international initiatives is backed by Local Authorities and the State shall encourage the promotion by financing activities of education and entertainment devices focused on employment issues.

Our range of International Relations

Initiatives applied to areas of interventions unbearable

  • Management as an agent of Aquitaine group of operators for the provision of assessment prior to the creation of company employment center,

  • the coordination group for the promotion of ODL offers from P @ t (Point @ access to tele),

  • Management, at the request of Direccte Aquitaine, the resource center for the development of CAE Gateway,

  • Business development projects of integration and training.