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With over 30 years experience, our center is operated through training to respond flexibly to changing people and companies.
Training as a springboard for access, the return and continued employment engage all our creativity, our adaptability and our expertise in response to the expectations of sponsors public and private training.

Our offer

  • Activities of consulting and engineering applied to organize training for audits to detect needs, work together to develop training plans, choose the most suitable learning materials to different audiences and learning situations.

  • Interventions to autonomy and individualization of training with an evolution of educational content by implementing the technologies of communication and multimedia. Such is the case of the Learning Pavilion, which is a platform for distance education specifically dedicated to the public illiterate.

  • Preparations for EVA training and qualifying for Securities Professionals Ministry of Employment in various sectors such as cleanliness and hygiene, safety of goods and people, sales and service trades.