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Coaching - Placement

Supporting job seekers to a job and facilitate their access to it or return to employment,

- Allowing employees to take stock of their skills and update them to maintain and grow in their jobs,

- Supporting companies in their search for solutions for managing jobs and skills.

These are the foundations of the mission Insup.

Our strategy is firmly at the heart of the problem of employment in a close relationship with all stakeholders in that field, to try to make appropriate responses to the changing needs of individuals and companies.

The job center, the Regional Councils, General Councils, other local authorities, Cape employment, businesses, everyone expressed their willingness to act for jobs and give us their trust.

Our offer of support and investment

Under the brand START job

  • Engineering Job Search,
  • Diagnosis socio-professional employment,
  • Skills Training Job Search,
  • Linking directly with recruiters,
  • Marketing job,
  • Redeployment unit for retrenched,
  • Recruitment assistance for SMEs

Under the brand HR Competencies ( ?)

  • Engineering HR,
  • Skills assessments,
  • VAE accompaniment for Securities Professionals Ministry of Employment,
  • Development of business plans,
  • Management of jobs and skills.